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Project Description
Standard Windows security editor dialog for .NET derived from CommonDialog and implementing the Windows EditSecurity API.

Currently this project supports calling the dialog in English for files, directories, tasks (see Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper project), and registry keys. With little effort, this project can be localized or extended to support other securable objects.

After futilely attempting to recreate all the security dialogs for another project, I decided to jump in and figure out the complicated Interop required to implement the EditSecurity Windows API call. The hard work was around the implementation of the ISecurityInformation interface and then hiding the complexity from the developer. The framework is all implemented and the project is currently in its 1.0 release.

Some special credit to the work of oshah and the article on CodeProject and to a number of other random coders that were brave enough to publish their work on both Interop and implementing a security editor in C++.


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